Starting The Day with Whole Wheat & Honey

Want to have an awesome morning in Fort St. John? Do yourself a favour and checkout a local favorite downtown with Whole Wheat and Honey Cafe.

If one was to compile a list of recommended businesses that make downtown Fort St. John awesome - Whole Wheat 'n Honey is a name that would come up again and again.

Whole Wheat and Honey is the kind of place people like me seek out whenever visiting a new town. A community hub where people go to grab a good coffee and snack, sit and relax, meet friends, or meet new ones. A loosely guarded community secret that once discovered feels like a found treasure.

So, when it comes to starting the day... here are my personal Whole Wheat 'n Honey tips and tricks! If you've got more, share them in the comments below!

1. Wake up early, and head out to Whole Wheat 'n Honey -- They open at 6:00 am, and it's usually quiet and a great place to grab an early morning coffee/tea and breakfast and plan the rest of your day. The early morning smell of fresh coffee, and muffins just out of the oven is worth waking up early.

2. Classic big breakfast or snack size breakfast -- You've got options. Sometimes I get the breakfast wrap. They make it fast and good, and it's just the right size for most days, but other days I want the full on classic mainline eggs, toast, and bacon... Today, I did bacon...

3. Be healthy and stuff -- They have very healthy and diet friendly options such as gluten free, vegetarian, etc... or, don't... and order the cinnamon buns because they're also delicious, especially fresh out of the oven early in the day!

4. If there isn't a lineup and the place isn't swamped, ask about coffee art!

More info about Whole Wheat and Honey, including upcoming events, hours, and a little bit of their story on -

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