Learning to Bonspiel

Ever drive by the curling rink on a weekend and wonder why on earth the parking lot is so busy? A bonspiel, I'm told... but what really is that? Okay Google, What is a bonspiel?

bon·spiel | /ˈbänspēl / noun
- a curling tournament.

... Nice answer, Google... but that doesn't help much.

Long story short... I found a team that was willing to take on an absolute newbie and they graciously introduced me to curling. I learned the practicality of yelling "hurry hard!", how to not fall while sliding around the ice, and about free refills of popcorn and how delicious a cold beer tastes upstairs between games.

Most importantly, I learned just how fun curling is, how diverse and interesting the people are who curl, and how welcoming the folks are for people like me who were interested in checking it out.

For more info about how to try out curling, reach out to the good folks at the FSJ Curling Rink. Their info is on TownWall:

PS, our bonspiel was "Space Themed"
PSS, our team won best costume!

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